“Our mission is to serve Veterans, which includes serving Military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance and to serve our Communities and our Country.”

“- to ensure that proper attention shall be paid to the welfare of all who have served and the welfare of their dependants and to see to the maintenance and comfort of those who require special treatment, particularly the disabled, sick, aged and needy, and to promote the welfare of their dependants”

“to encourage, promote, engage in or support all forms of national, provincial, municipal or community service, or any charitable or philanthropic purpose”

"Legion Branches are the cornerstone of communities across Canada, and provide one of the largest volunteer bases in the country."

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Age 70+ $35, Regular Member $40

(The Regular prices after Nov 30:  Age 70+ $40, Regular Member $45).

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Our Mission

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Branch  52

LEGION:  WHO WE ARE (from the brochure, “The Royal Canadian Legion needs You”)

“With almost 400,000 members in 1.590 branches we ensure Canadian veterans of all ages receive everything they so richly deserve. We are ‘The Guardians of Remembrance’ in Canada but we also have a big role to play in community development. We are a not-for-profit organization self-funded by its members for the good of our veterans and our communities.”


Message from

Dominion Command!

Dominion Command is requesting all members email addresses.  Members will be able to provide their email address by simply sending an email to dminfo@legion.ca

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 is located  at

459 Veteran’s Way (Main Street) in the town of Stonewall, Manitoba. 

We represent the Members of Stonewall, Teulon and Stony Mountain Branches.

Key Principles of Hospitality --


The word SERVICE represents the following 7 key guiding principles in creating a more welcoming and hospitable Legion environment.

S,-- Smile

E -- Enquire

R -- Remember

V -- Very nice to see you

I -- Introduce

C -- Connect

E -- Entice to join/return

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Updated  November 10, 2021


OPEN  limited hours.



Currently we are open every

Wednesday from 4-9 p.m.

     Chase the Queen draw at 8:30

Thursday from 6-10 p.m.

      Crib at 7

Friday from 4-9 p.m.

     Meat Draw and BBQ

Saturday as per darts schedule; phone office or check Facebook

Remembrance Day Service Nov. 11

Vets' Dinner & Dance Nov. 13

General Meeting & Elections Nov. 10


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VLTs are not in operation at this time.

For further information please call our office at  204-467-2261